How To Make People Laugh Diary #1

Today, I was inspired to start this special diary: How To Make People Laugh Diary. My English speaking class has a new teacher. His name is Jack, from a small island near Florida, US. His good sense of humor made us laugh a lot.

how to make people laugh - funny quote - they said laughing is good for health, that's why I don't do much exercise...

As an introvert, making people laugh is not an easy task for me. But I believe nothing is impossible, so I did some tests. I tried to make people laugh. And from now on, I’ll write down everything I did, or said, that made people laugh.

This is day #1

When Jack asked the class to name some things in the kitchen.

“Knives,” a lady said.
“Cupboard” a man said.
“My mom,” I said.

Boom. The whole class laughed. I got one point.

“Okay, what else?” Jack asked.
“I guess… my cat?” I said.

Boom. I got another point, everyone laughed again.
Next, he asked us to list things in the living room.

“TV,” a boy said.
“Air conditioner,” a girl said.
“I’m thinking about… My dad,” I said loudly.

Again, everyone laughed. Making people laugh is easier than you thought.

How to make people laugh?

The first rule: Surprising answer.

I discovered the first tip of how to make people laugh: Sometimes you must be bold, and try to make them think like you, even if your idea is different. The more different, the better.

At the end of the class, Jack said that everyone could ask him a question, except this one: How old are you.

“How young are you?” I said.
Jack laughed.

The second rule: Surprising question.

The time was up, Jack seemed a bit hurry. He opened the door and said goodbye to his students.

“Hey teacher?” I raised my hand and asked. “How about our homework?”

Everyone laughed.

Well, you may wonder why that usual question can make people laugh at that time.

Because it’s not expected. This was a speaking class, not a writing class. So everyone came to talk, and to practise speaking. No one expected such a request (or they are too lazy to do homework, ha ha ha).

That’s for today. See you in the next entry!

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