Drawing From Numbers: 1 to 100 With Numagician

Pablo Picasso, the great artist, once said, “Every child is an artist. The problem is how to remain an artist once we grow up.” How can this quote relate to drawing from numbers?

Well, a stressful life might make you think that drawing is just for kids. Have you ever thought of a kid who could stress you? Imagine that he asks you to draw a dragon. What will you do? Don’t worry, just show him the clip below, then his eyes will open wildly, and you’ll be happy!

Before exploring the art of drawing from numbers, you need to know something…

When I was a kid, my favorite subject was drawing. I still remember the relaxed feeling when holding the crayon my mom bought for me, especially the sense of freedom when imagining what to do with a white paper. I could draw everywhere, including the tabletops, the chair, or even in my books and notebooks.

I thought I was born to draw. If someone saw my masterpieces, they must exclaim, “Wow, did Picasso paint that?”

When the teacher saw my pictures, she said, “Who let you scribble in my class? Give me your hand!”

Then she hit my hands with a ruler. Once bitten, twice shy. Since that day, I was afraid of drawing; my dream of becoming a great artist had gone. To satisfy the teacher and my parents, I focused on the core subjects such as Math, Physics, and Chemistry, etc. After years of studying hard, I got into a top university with a very high entrance score: 28/30!

You know, the more high scores I got in those subjects (Maths, Physics, and Chemistry), the worse my drawing skill has become. At that time, if you asked me to draw an animal, then you would get a monster. Not to mention that my imagining ability was worse than ever. If you asked me to think of a dreamy lake, all I saw in my mind was a universe with no stars!

How drawing from numbers have helped me and will help you?

Thanks to seeing things that no one sees from the numbers, I became the author of the Numagician series, the bestselling books on Tiki (Vietnamese version of Amazon). You might say that I was the first person in Vietnam (maybe around the world) to find the unique images hidden in the numbers from 1 to 100.

Now, not only can I vividly imagine a beautiful lake, but I also feel the cool sensation when putting my feet in that lake in my mind. Despite graduating from primary school with a score of 4/10 in the Literature final exam, I was able to write a 550-page novel. I made many readers said, “That’s unthinkable!”

Everything happens twice, and the first time is in your mind. If you can see it, you can achieve it. Everything, including my imagination, memory, and creativity, connected and helped me achieve my dream in no time. I even had my own business later. If I can do it, you can do it.

drawing from numbers with fususu books

What made the difference, and how did I figure out this unique art of drawing from numbers?

The secret is to invest in yourself. In 2010, I read the book I’m Gifted So Are you by Adam Khoo. To be honest, it’s the most expensive book I’ve ever bought, and I have no regrets. The book helped me realize that no matter how bad you are now or how bad skills you have, they are in the past. You can always change. The problem is to find the solution.

In the November of that year, I invested over 150$ to take part in a self-help course related to that book. It helped me understand more about the power of the mind. In general, your brain is your closest friend. It will be challenging to overcome procrastination and achieve your dream if you haven’t mastered your brain, especially imagination. Because it’s how you communicate with your genius brain.

cách vẽ con vật bằng số - cách vẽ dog

Next, in the process of training my brain, I came across Wordtoons. The author mastered the art of drawing from words sold those pictures for hundreds of dollars. I was so excited about this book for days, and an idea came up. If you can draw animals from words, how about drawing from numbers?

I googled drawing from numbers, there were plenty of results, but most people could draw from number 1 to number 10, sometimes up to number 20. Meanwhile, I need 100 because I knew a memory technique called “memory pegs” at that time. Just count from 1 to 10, then you can memorize 10 things. If you have images for 100 numbers, you can remember hundreds of things at a glance!

Drawing from numbers will active both of the hemispheres of your brain. The left brain is in charge of the numbers, the right brain is in charge of images. This combination will not only help you develop your imagination but also your super memory. Besides, when mastering the art of drawing from numbers, you will definitely become the magician in everyone’s eyes!

Therefore, in the next 5 years, I dedicated myself to drawing from numbers and created 100 number-pictures known as Numagician. There are animals and many cute things in Numagician that help you memorize the numbers quickly. Can you see the secret number 31 on the book cover of my last novel?

drawing from numbers - can you see number 31 hidden in the book cover?

Instead of 5 years, you could quickly master the art of drawing from numbers with 100 pictures in several hours, and not only that…

In 2015, I published the book Numagician – Awaken The Memory Wizard Within With this book, you will master the art of drawing from numbers and develop your super memory. Many readers of Numagician can memorize up to 1000 digits of Pi in no time.

The key to train your super memory with Numagician is to memorize each picture corresponding to each number and have an excellent imagination to associate things together. Then you can remember everything, including the main points in your lessons, your presentations, the position of things, the road names, people’s names, etc.

That’s why I wrote the second book, “Numagician – Awaken The Super Creative Artist Within You.” It contains 100 funny stories that help you do memorize the 100 number-pictures quickly, and reveal for you the secret of drawing from numbers.

On the last page of the book, I also provide you a secret link. If you do exactly as the instruction in that link, you can receive 100 clips of drawing from numbers, as you saw at the beginning of this blog. You can find them on Amazon or Google Play.

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